What our customers say about Nico's

Ayman A

Best burgers in Texas. Yes I’m dead serious. Were from Austin and dropped in. Had the smashed burger and wow. Incredible. Great fries and great cookies. Highly recommend.

Chris Daniels

Burger had a different taste than what I expected but was delicious all the same. Fries were good though they could use a more unique seasoning to separate from everyone else’s. Look forward to see if you’ll expand the menu as you get off the ground. Good start!

Wendy Doyle

This was an unexpected surprise!! Very good burgers. Not greasy. Will definitely be going again.


If you’re looking for something harkens back to a time where grabbing a beer and a burger was the American dream than this place is for you.

Burgers are amazing and the restaurant had such a pleasant vibe to it.

I will absolutely be getting burgers there again.

Rosa Dobies

Great burgers! Fries are amazing 😋

Adam White

Stopped by for lunch. Got the cheese burger with American. When I got it home and started unwrapping it the smell was very nice. It was a larger style burger, so some may think it was too tall. I thought it was correctly proportioned. I got it as it came with no changes. It was good. Juicy but not dripping. My only dislike and it’s a personal preference, was they used sweet pickles. I gave it a shot for the first half but was happier when I removed them.

All and all I am happy Boerne has another tasty option for a burger that is not fast food.

A Brown

Fantastic hamburger! Wonderful beef and amazing bun made at the restaurant. They had one of my favorite local beers on tap and delicious fries. This is a must visit in Boerne!

Michael Vaquera

Great gourmet burgers & the fries aren’t to bad either, a must try.
Support local small business, the backbone of America’s economy.🍔🇺🇸

Dora Fountain

This amazing new burger place features grass fed beef from New Zealand and fantastic buns made in house. I have been here several times and have enjoyed each visit!

William Yates

Excellent burgers. Great place.

Steven Eby

The fries, sigh…so good! I don’t have the vocabulary to do them justice. This visit I had the Oklahoma Onion Burger. Two beef patties, cheese, pickles and an ample load of grilled onions on a very fresh bun.

Mauricio Figueroa

I ordered a cheese burger with cheddar cheese on it and some fries as the side. The fries are really good, I mean, I tried them when I started the meal and kinda kept going until I ran out, didn’t even try the burger until after. I’m not sure if it’s pepper or what it is but the spices they put into the fries are really good, it tastes great.

The burger was well seasoned and cooked how I ordered it (medium). It tasted good. I was surprised the pickles are sweet pickles but the taste was good anyway so I left them on. The bun, I don’t know what kind of bun this is called but it’s my favorite type of bun, not enough places serve it. All in all, it was a really good burger, definitely will recommend to my friends.